The Senior Moves Home Buyout Program  is free service offered by SeniorMoves.org. We work with a verified and qualified professional funding group that understands the needs of seniors.

When a homeowner is a senior citizen and dealing with the issues of downsizing, funding for care, or working with family support, it can be difficult to sell a home the traditional way. Seniors need to preserve as much equity as possible and don’t have the luxury of time on their hands when a health crisis occurs. The Program can usually offer to buy the home quickly and without fees. This can be a necessity for people who may need to move quickly, or who have inherited a house, or for someone who is having trouble keeping up the payments.

We have the funding to take care of repairs, deal with arrears and taxes, and get the home ready for a new homeowner to step in.

To speak directly to someone who can assess your situation and give you an offer, please call 602-399-7859 or contact us below.


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